Mother's Day Wishlist

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I was recently asked the annual question, “What can we buy you for Mother’s Day?”

Cue my mind going blank as I stuttered “I don’t have a list. I’ll get back to you one that one.”

Every year the question comes and each time I find it difficult to answer. For me, Mother’s Day isn’t something that you buy, it’s something that you feel. It’s not about being showered with store bought gifts, it’s about feeling appreciated and loved. It’s the day when I’m pretty much guaranteed bonus kisses, cuddles and I love you whispers, and that’s what I look forward to most. What more could I want?

After long consideration, I came up with five things on my Mother’s Day wishlist…

Double the daily dose of cuddles to start my day

Each morning I hear little footsteps down the hall as one by one my three little ones rush to climb into my bed and have a cuddle to start the day. Some days I have five minutes of squeezes, other days half an hour. During that time, we snuggle under the blankets and cuddle. We giggle as we tell stories or jokes and I tickle them. We look out the window at the sky becoming lighter as the sun rises and talk about what we’re doing that day. It’s one of my favourite times of the day, so for Mother’s Day, I’d like it to last longer.

Someone to say “I’ll do that for you.”

The cleaning and laundry don’t take a day off, so neither do I. Every day I do chores to keep on top of things, and for Mother’s Day I’d love for someone to offer to do something for me. It could be putting a load of washing on (bonus points for hanging it out, bringing it off the line and/or folding) or sweeping the kitchen floor after a meal. It doesn’t need to be a big job, rather a small moment when I feel that they see what I do around the house and want to help.

Family time

I have Mother’s Day because I’ve been fortunate enough to have children, so what I’d really love is to have family time together with the little people who make me a mum. I’d like time together doing something we all enjoy, whether that’s lazing on the couch watching a movie or going for a bike ride. Surprise me!

Music to my ears

Each of my little ones has a song about how much I love them that I made up when they were infants and sing as their bedtime lullaby. What I would love for Mother’s Day is for us to have a swap, and they each make up a song for me or sing me their favourite song at bedtime.

Something from the heart

For me Mother’s Day isn’t about store bought cards and gifts as what I value most are the things that are made with me in mind. A homemade card, a poem, a letter or even an artwork are all winners in my book.  There’s something especially precious about an object that has been made or words that have been written just for you – talk about feeling special and appreciated!

There we have it, my list of the five things I’m wishing for most this Mother’s Day.

What are you wishing for most this Mother’s Day?

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