Here at tiny & little we love playing with our food, and not only when we’re cooking. Edible fingerpaint and salt based clay are long time favourites of the little lads of the household and today it’s time to share another of our favourite activities – stamp it grid paintings made using potatoes. Fun!

This is a very simple activity which can be enjoyed by younger little ones who enjoy mashing the colours together and older children who might like a more calculated approach to the final artwork. There is a little adult preparation required so let’s get straight into that so you can have fun creating one of these paintings with your little one

Adult Preparation

These paintings are created using potatoes and as they’ll need to be cut with a knife to create the stamp, we need to start this art fun with adult preparation. A potato that’s smallish in size so will fit in the palm of your little one’s hand is perfect for this activity and to prepare it you’ll need an apple corer and a sharp knife.

What you’ll do
Cut your potato in half
Insert the apple corer in the centre of the cut edge
Using your knife cut in from the outside of the potato to the corer all the way around
Remove the corer and then remove the ring that was cut with your knife to leave a circular stamp in the centre of the potato

Stamp It Grid Painting Adult PrepStamp It Grid Painting Adult Prep

Once that’s done, it’s time for your little one to create!

What you’ll need

– canvas
– masking tape
– paint
– your potato stamps

Stamp It Grid Painting

What you’ll do

Stick masking tape across the front of your canvas horizontally and vertically to create ‘painting squares’

Allow your little one to stamp colours inside the squares and leave to dry

Once the paint is dry remove the masking tape to leave your grid painting underneath

 Option 1

Encourage your little one to use lots of colours and not stay inside the lines to create a beautiful, colourful piece. This approach is particularly great for younger artists who love to mash the colours together.

Stamp It Grid Painting

Option 2

Children who enjoy a more calculated approach might enjoy the challenge of only putting one stamp inside each square and using limited colours to create their masterpiece, or all the colours of the rainbow to create their own rainbow piece.

Stamp It Grid Painting

If you make one of these paintings, why not tag tiny & little on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@tinyandlittle) – we’d love to take a look at your little one’s masterpiece!

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