It only takes a split second for the bad guys to get up to mischief and a superhero to be needed. Naturally, you can’t be a superhero without a special outfit and some cool gadgets. That’s where today’s simple DIY superhero wrist guards idea comes to the rescue.

My favourite superhero ever since I was a little girl has always been Wonder Woman. She’s a strong, confident woman with a cute outfit and a lasso to capture the bad guys in no time at all. Not to mention her fantastic invisible plane! Wonder Woman also sports a pair of wrist guards for deflecting bullets and lasers and other things the bad guys throw her way and I think that every superhero could use a pair for fighting crime.

These are seriously easy and quick to make. I whipped up a pair in under five minutes, which meant I was able to have all of the crimefighters in the tiny & little household ready in no time at all. As a bonus, it was a great way to recycle a piece of yoga mat rather than throw it away.

DIY Super Hero Wrist Guards by tiny & little

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DIY Super Hero Wrist Guards by tiny & little[/vc_column][vc_column width=’2/3′]



a small piece of yoga mat / soft rubber
duct tape


Cut two rubber pieces to fit around your child’s wrist, being sure to check that it’s long enough to fit the widest part of their hand through when joined end to end. As a guide, the wrist guards pictured are worn by an 8 year old and measure 19cm x 6cm.

Cut two pieces of duct tape that are double the length of the height of your wrist guard. For these, that meant two 12cm long pieces of duct tape.

Wrap duct tape around the ends of the pieces of yoga mat to make a ring. An easy way to do this is to lay the duct tape on the table, sticky side up, and one end of the rubber piece on it halfway down and halfway across the duct tape, and press to stick. You’ll then fold the rubber into a circle so the other short side of the rubber is right next to the one you’ve already stuck on, then press it to stick. You’ll have a circle of rubber sitting on top of the duct tape with extra tape visible top and bottom. Fold each of those extra ends to be inside the rubber circle and press to stick.

You can use extra duct tape to decorate your wrist guards.

The final step is to sit back and relax knowing the superheroes are here to save the day.

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