There have been whispers and new accounts on Instagram and Facebook… “roll around the block”… “roll around the block”… and at last I can share with you the very exciting news.

This summer I am thrilled to be collaborating with Meetoo and the National Gallery of Victoria to bring my much enjoyed series, Roll Around the Block, to the streets of Melbourne as part of the NGV’s Melbourne Now for Kids Children’s Festival.  I would love for you to be involved and have the chance for your little one’s photo to be selected to feature in our photo screenings at the NGV. That’s right, your little one’s photo might be displayed in an art gallery!

Roll Around the Block for Melbourne Now brings together tiny & little and Meetoo in a photographic project for the National Gallery of Victoria to capture the city and its people from a child’s perspective. We need you to roll around the block with us to make this happen!

From now until the end of January, our friends at Meetoo and I invite you and your little ones to join us in rolls around the block. Share your photos through Instagram or Facebook and from January 20-25 the images we select as our favourites will be screened at the gallery. The thought of my little one’s photo in an art gallery makes me grin, how about you? It’s really simple to get involved and you can find out more on our Roll Around the Block page.

tiny & little and Meetoo will also be running a hands-on creative workshop at the NGV International on Friday, January 24 called Digital Goes Art. In this workshop, we’ll work with the children to create an artwork inspired by a Roll Around the Block photo. I’m really excited about this project and would love for you to be part of it too. To find out more, pop on over to the Roll Around the Block page and I look forward to seeing your little one’s photos!

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