We’ve all had that moment when our mind draws a blank. When you stare at a sheet of paper trying to think of the first words to pen. When you try to remember why you came into the room. When you answer the phone at work while pregnant and forget what your name is mid-sentence. Oh, just me on that last one…?

It’s easy to find yourself starting something with enthusiasm and then being hit with the dreaded block that makes your mind freeze. As you’re joining in our Roll Around the Block for Melbourne Now kids photography project for the NGV this summer (hint, hint!) you might find your little one faces photographer’s block along the way. We’re here to help!

Each Monday here on tiny & little, we’re will share photo prompts you could use on a roll around the block with your little one. If your little photographer can’t decide where to start or is feeling like there’s nothing at all to photograph, these are prompts to help get them clicking. For this week’s list, I’m sharing things that should be really easy to find no matter where you are.

Happy snapping and don’t forget to upload your photos to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #rollaroundtheblock so your little one’s photo can be in the running to be featured at the NGV!

Roll Around the Block Photo Idea List 1


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