There has been a break between posts here on tiny & little and I’d like to say that it’s because we’ve been off on some grand adventure, but no. It’s that crazy time of year with school and kinder finishing, multiple birthdays in the household and preparing for the festive season and school holidays ahead. There has been lots of activity and fun, but also times when I wished we could escape to somewhere quiet and away from it all. Which reminded me about a Roll Around the Block I did with Mr Tiny during the colder months that I haven’t shared yet. Today’s the day!

roll around the block

For this Roll Around the Block, we were in a rural area and decided to go on a nature walk. I remember weekend after weekend of bushwalking as a child and am sure I gave my parents more than a fair share of “are we there yet?” and “this is boring!” quips to deal with, so decided to add in the element of a photo challenge to keep the little ones interested and encourage them to engage with their stunning surroundings. It worked a treat, and not only because I wasn’t bombarded with complaints! They really enjoyed exploring and deciding what they’d capture ‘on film’.

These are Mr Tiny’s ten favourite photos from that walk which I hope you’ll enjoy. During this Roll Around the Block, I noticed that Mr Tiny was focused on the big picture and trying to capture the forest. I joined him for my own roll with a focus on smaller details instead to show how we could be in the same space and see things very differently. If you’d like to check out my photos, I’ve popped them over on my site here.

Enjoy the pics and if your little ones have taken photos recently, I’d love to see them! You can tag me on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #rollaroundtheblock.

Roll Around the BlockRoll Around the BlockRoll Around the BlockRoll Around the BlockRoll Around the BlockRoll Around the Block

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