I’ve mentioned before how much I adore baking and scones are one of those treats that take me back to my childhood. I’m sure my creations then weren’t as good as the ones I make today – these are light, fluffy and oh so delicious warm with my favourite cherry jam and a dollop of cream – but the memories that are made over them are just as special.

When these are ready, my little ones come rushing to the table. We sit together with no interruptions (there’s a no toy or technology rule at the table in my home) and while they are relaxed, we talk and I mean really talk. I’ll hear what’s happening at school and kinder, what they’ve been doing with their friends and their hopes, fears and dreams. We’ve swapped many stories and much laughter over scones, but most of all we’ve shared love for each other. I like to think that one day they will reflect on it with joy.

Truth be told, sometimes I will bake them just so we have that time together.

These are one of my most favourite things to make, and not only for that precious time with the little ones. They’re very simple, the way they’re made lets more than one little cook be involved at the same time and they’re quick to make so perfect for those moments when you realise you don’t have anything and friends are coming in half an hour. Best of all, they’re delicious!

Enjoy and I hope you’ll be able to make a few memories over a plate of scones at your home too.

tiny & little's mineral water scones

tiny & little’s mineral water scones


3 1/3 cups of self raising flour
a pinch of salt
300ml cream
275ml mineral water
3 tsp caster sugar*
milk for brushing

* I think of this step as ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the scones go down’ so literally scoop with a soup spoon which is around 3 tsp but you can add more or less depending on whether you’re a sweet tooth. You can also leave this out and they will still taste great!


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

Put the self raising flour, sugar and salt in a bowl and make a well in the middle

Add a third each of the cream and mineral water and gently mix it together (the kids will love this bit because it fizzes!)

Repeat until all of the cream and mineral water is stirred through.

Sprinkle flour on the bench and place the dough on the flour. Sprinkle flour over the top, then gently knead it a few times

Flatten the dough to about 2cm deep and cut out your scones. You can either use regular cookie cutters for full size or a ravioli cutter for bite-sized scones perfect for lunchboxes. If you don’t have a fancy cutter, don’t worry – you can use a butter knife to cut your dough into squares.

Place the scones on a tray lined with baking with baking paper and brush the tops with milk.

Bake until the top is golden, approximately 10 minutes for regular sized or 7 minutes for the mini sized ones

tiny & little's mineral water scones

All that’s left to do is enjoy them with your favourite jam and cream. Bon appetit!


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