Everywhere you look at the moment there is encouragement to purchase, to consume, to hand over money for Christmas gifts for every member of the family. It can seem very out of control at times.

Do you have a plan for how you approach Christmas gifts for the little ones? Are you in the dollar limit group with a set budget for each child? Do you go by the ‘something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read’ rule? Or do you splash out to your heart’s content?

There is a lot of thought that goes into our presents but I wonder, should we be more focused on our presence?

On being there with our children playing games and making messes?

On jumping up and down on the bed with them and showing off our latest interpretative dance?

On telling stories and pretending to be kings and queens?

Each Christmas, the t&l advent doesn’t have very much chocolate at all. Once a week, in fact. Instead almost every day is something to do together.

One day will be snuggling on the couch watching an old Christmas movie, another will be visiting Santa. We’ll bake cookies and write Christmas cards. We’ll wrap presents and craft wreaths. We’ll sing carols and decorate the tree. Together.

I believe that an important role of parents is being a memory collector. Creating moments and memories that show the little ones how much spending time with them is appreciated and adored. Giving them traditions and tales that can last a lifetime.

The time from when they are little to when they spread their wings to soar alone passes so quickly.

Let’s go collect some memories today that we can hope they will look back on fondly when they leave the nest.

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