Something the tiny & little household have enjoyed in our home town this past week is our kids photography activity, Roll Around the Block. For those new to tiny & little – hello! thanks so much for stopping by. – Roll Around the Block is our photography outing where the children are given the chance to be little photographers. It’s a kid, a camera and 24 shots as they’re given the chance to take a ‘roll of film’ while out and about. It’s really good fun!

So, where are we off to this week? Here at tiny & little, the little ones have been interested in graffiti of late and talking about the difference between tags and street art. Discussions of the who, what and why of graffiti and the street art scene have been numerous and it’s become a kind of I-Spy game to see what they can spot on our outings. In Melbourne there are lots of laneways with street art making it fun to explore the city, and today we’re stopping by one of the most well-known spots for street art – Hosier Lane in the Melbourne CBD, a short walk from the iconic Flinders Street Station.

What makes Hosier Lane, and the smaller lane off it, so special is that it’s a constantly evolving street art scene that’s embedded in daily city life. From the recycling bins covered in graffiti to glimpses through painted doors of kitchens, the mundane side of life clashes with the neon bursts of colour that adorn every surface. It’s a place of colour where the street art reaches so high towards the sky, imagination is needed to guess how the artists got so far up on the outside of the buildings. Since my last visit a few months earlier, a number of the artworks had been painted over making it a whole new experience with Littlest.

Little ones will enjoy the colour and pictures that feature on the walls, and there are thought provoking statements and messages within the artworks that will appeal to older children and adults keen to start a discussion about an issue in modern society.

But back to Hosier Lane, here is our collection of photos from this latest outing taken by Littlest (the three year old of the tiny & little house) and myself. Happy viewing!

Do your little ones love spotting street art too? Why not get them to take a picture and if you’re on Instagram tag it to #rollaroundtheblock – we’d love to see it!

Melbourne with Kids - Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBDMelbourne with Kids - Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBDMelbourne with Kids - Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBDMelbourne with Kids - Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBDMelbourne with Kids - Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBD

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