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Here at tiny & little, we are big fans of special little toys that become friends for young children. Those children’s soft toys that are named and that hold the whispered secrets, wishes and stories of little ones. The toys that become threadbare, dirty or worn out simply because a child has loved them so much.

There is something truly beautiful about the imagination and love that flows between a child and their favourite cuddly toy. It’s a lovely part of childhood, so much so that the moment they announce that they’re too big for their teddy is tinged with a teeny bit of sadness at the childhood phase being left behind.

If you’re lucky enough to still be a parent in the phase of special cuddly friends and plush toys, this lovely list is for you! These are eight cuddly friends for tiny and little ones that we’re loving right now!

Loving / Cuddly FriendsLoving / Cuddly Friends

1. One of a kind custom retro swimsuit dolls by Fulana Beltrana Sicrana / shop now / pin for later
2. Mascot cat hipster cuddly toy by Poco Loco / shop now / pin for later
3. Kawaii Sloth soft plush by Bijou Kitty / shop now / pin for later
4. Mrs Bird by myTitu / shop now / pin for later
5. Mademoiselle Justine and Lilou Mouse by Paloma Esono / shop now / pin for later
6. Esti the Fox handmade plush decorative toy by Lesne / shop now / pin for later
7. Handpainted Cat-Woman Doll by Ricebaby / shop now / pin for later
8. Light Grey Bear by We Love Stitches / shop now / pin for later

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