December has finally arrived, hurrah! Some would say ’tis the season to be jolly and we must agree that it is the season of joy. There are school holidays, religious celebrations, a new year just around the corner and oh so much fun to be had and all of it has us grinning ear to ear.

Here in Australia, December marks the arrival of summer and the air is now filled with the scent of sunscreen and the sounds of backyard cricket and children laughing later into the evening. There is something about the sunshine and longer days that lift the spirit and fill us with joy.

The beginning of December also means that the long summer school holidays are almost here (or have already come for some!) so thoughts are turning to what fun to have with the kids over the coming weeks. We couldn’t resist sharing our list of 50 summer fun ideas for the young (and young at heart!) to enjoy during the warmer days ahead.

Kids Summer Fun Ideas

Kids summer fun – 50 ideas!

  1. play in the sprinkler
  2. go on a picnic
  3. take a nature walk
  4. read a chapter book together
  5. redecorate your room
  6. see a new movie
  7. cook your favourite meal / treat
  8. go out for ice cream
  9. go to an outdoor concert
  10. have dinner at the beach
  11. cloud watch
  12. collect twigs and paint them to make a mobile
  13. play four square
  14. swing in a hammock
  15. make a floral wreath or crown
  16. give someone a hug
  17. watch the sun set
  18. fly a kite
  19. play your favourite board game
  20. camp out in your backyard
  21. make popsicles
  22. have a dance party
  23. write and illustrate a book
  24. build a sandcastle
  25. make lemonade
  26. blow bubbles
  27. play hopscotch
  28. have a pajamas day
  29. roll down a hill
  30. make a music video
  31. do a Roll Around the Block (info here and our summer photo prompts are here)
  32. make paper airplanes
  33. go for a bike ride
  34. have a movie night
  35. stay up late star gazing
  36. have a treasure hunt
  37. make mud pies
  38. eat breakfast for dinner
  39. make a (blanket) fort
  40. feed the ducks
  41. collect sea shells
  42. play beach cricket
  43. go to the art gallery
  44. have a street party
  45. take a road trip
  46. play frisbee
  47. hold a tea party with your teddies
  48. go to the pool
  49. dance in the summer rain
  50. go to the zoo

Is your favourite activity on the list? Have a suggestion for us? We’d love to hear in the comments!


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