Hey Chick easy kids Easter craft by tiny & little

Things have been quiet around here of late, haven’t they! I’ve often thought of this post, surprisingly from this time last year, about doing it all… or not… and found myself nodding along again as I read those words. Here January was focused on Roll Around the Block for Melbourne Now for the National Gallery of Victoria, February on settling the little ones at school and kinder and suddenly it’s March. March!

Things are busy behind the scenes here at tiny & little while the first issue of the magazine is being prepared and as I was going through my boxes of craft, I came across this little chick – a quick and simple Easter craft for kids. It’s created simply by making two pom poms, one glued on top of the other with eyes and beak cut from pieces of paintings by the little ones and glued on. Very cute, very easy, and just the right size for delivering a couple tiny chocolate treats on Easter Sunday!

If you’re doing a chocolate egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning, you might also enjoy our Easter Bunny Egg Cups that the little ones can make. Happy crafting!

Hey Chick Easter craft by tiny & little

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