DIY Easter Chocolate WrappersDIY Easter Chocolate Wrappers

I will be the first to admit that on more than one occasion I’ve referred to myself as a chocolate snob. I have – for me, chocolate is one of those treats that I indulge in so rarely that when I do have some I really want it to be good. Kind of like coffee, but “rarely” and “coffee” would only be in the same sentence if I was saying “I rarely can speak before my first coffee of the day” or “I rarely have less than two cups of coffee a day.” Chocolate and coffee are such an indulgence that when I have a bad bit of either, it’s disappointing because I only have so many times to enjoy it and it feels like I’ve wasted one of those chances. Weird, but true.

Every year as Easter edges closer, I notice more and more options on the shop shelves for chocolate overload come Easter morning. What I also can’t help but observe is how much of that chocolate is not good. I can’t bring myself to buy cheap and nasty chocolate and I’d much rather choose just one or two pieces of some chocolate that’s smooth and creamy with a hint of bitterness (yes, dark chocolate fan here!) and that’s also made well from good sources.

One of my favourite Easter gifts – and it’s one I often turn to for teacher gifts at this time of year – is a block of good quality chocolate. I’ll pick up a block of something nice and we’ll add our own wrappers for a personal touch. I think it’s a sweet (pun intended) treat and it beats a basket full of bad chocolate.

DIY Easter Chocolate Wrappers

Each year we use these simple bunny wrappers, which are printed on A4 paper at home before the little ones add names and, for the older ones, messages. We take the original wrapping, except the foil, off the chocolate block and wrap our wrapper around securing it at the back. You can either use double-sided sticky tape or a non-toxic glue to seal it. A quick and easy gift!

This year, I’ve whipped up three versions in peach, grey and mint and if you’d like to use them to, you can grab your copy through the links below.




The wrappers are sized for A4 (International) size paper but if you’re using a different paper size you can choose “scale to fit paper” when your print menu opens and they’ll fit on to the paper you have. You can then trim the paper to fit the block size you’re working with. As a guide, the blocks pictured are 100g blocks and I trimmed about 1.5cm off the whole way around. In previous years we’ve used 200g blocks and they were a perfect fit.

If you’re using mini blocks, below you’ll also find the JPEGs of the wrappers which can be quickly pasted in, say, Keynote or Powerpoint with more than one on the page so you can make smaller wrappers.

Then all that’s left to do is quickly give them out before you’re tempted to crack open a block!

DIY Easter Chocolate WrappersDIY Easter Chocolate Wrappers

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