We’re in the lead-up to Easter which here at tiny & little means it’s time to start some Easter crafting! First up for this year is an easy kids craft which is lots of fun – easter bunny egg cups. Made from paper cups, these little egg holders are easy for little hands to grasp as they search for treats in the Easter egg hunt.

Easter Bunny Egg Cup

What You’ll Need

– paper cup
– paper to draw the pieces for your bunny or a bunny template
– scissors
– glue

What You’ll Do

If you’re drawing your own pieces, you’ll need draw bunny eyes, nose, ears and whiskers and cut them out.
If you’ve downloaded the free template you’ll find all the bits to fit a standard sized paper cup ready to cut.

Next step is to simply let your little ones glue the bunny bits on. The ears are attached inside the cup where the bunny’s back will be. Ears and whiskers can be attached, then the nose to cover where the whiskers cross in the middle.

All that’s left to do is fill them with yummy Easter treats. Happy crafting!

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