There is a feeling of spring in the air here at the moment. The blossoms have started flowering, the days don’t have the same biting chill and it feels like the sun is setting just the little bit later in the evening. As much as I adore winter with its open fires, layered outfits and extended baking hours, there comes a time when I tire of the winter illnesses and long for the warmth of spring.

One of the best things about spring is the sheer volume of beautiful flowers that bloom. My favourite flowers blossom in the spring months as well as many other lovely floral delights that will brighten up any room and there’s something very relaxing about preparing flowers for a vase. Until the day my favourites are available at my local florist, I’ll settle for a bunch of these cupcake flowers, lovingly created by the little ones.

cupcake flowers

What you’ll need

– cupcake cases in various sizes
– paper doily
– button
– glue
– masking tape
– wooden dowel

cupcake flowers

What you’ll do

Glue the largest cupcake case to the middle of your doily

Glue smaller layers of cupcake cases, keeping the coloured side facing out

Glue a button to the centre of the top cupcake case

Turn it over and use the masking tape to attach your flower to the wooden dowel

Leave to dry and then your beautiful bouquet for display!

cupcake flowerscupcake flowerscupcake flowers

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