A question that I find often comes up when talking with other parents is what books we’re each reading with our children. What stories do our little ones love hearing… over and over? Who are their favourite authors at the moment? I love this question. I’ve long been a bookworm and adore the chance to head on a journey into a story within the pages of a good book. It’s even better when I can take my little ones along with me as I get to enjoy their imagination, input and reactions.

When I was asked this week about books being loved at the home of tiny & little, the first ones that popped to mind were all around the theme of little artists.

It’s no secret that here at tiny & little we love celebrating little artists and it’s lovely to find books that encourage little ones to use their imagination as artists or that poke fun at the scenarios when art doesn’t work out how the grown ups planned. The Littlest of the tiny & little household being an artist and painting the walls with sunscreen because they’re pale and he wanted to make them pretty while protecting them from the sun springs to mind… Things don’t always work out how you initially thought, but sometimes that the best bit of watching kids be little artists.

These books are all our favourites for little artists at the moment and we hope you like them too.

Book 1: I am an artist by Marta Altes
Book 2: Creatrilogy by Peter H. Reynolds
Book 3: Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson and Emily Gravett

What books are your little ones loving at the moment?

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