It is very easy to make craft into a detailed activity with step-by-step instructions, especially with sites like Pinterest to inspire creative pursuits, but when it comes to little ones simple is sometimes a whole lot more fun. A few objects and a couple steps to create something beautiful is perfect for those who like to create on-the-go or see an outcome to their creativity quickly.

autumn is hanging in the air autumn is hanging in the air

Here it is winter by the calendar but the streets say otherwise with their footpaths and kerbs littered with fallen autumn leaves. It’s a favourite time of the year at tiny & little – not only does Mother Nature cool things down so we can have more time inside for cooking and creating, but she gives us such loveliness to harvest for it. In this house of bowerbirds, a walk around the block can lead to a masterpiece that lasts beyond the season. This mobile pictured was first made two years ago and every autumn it is hung back up for the tiny and little ones to delight in. It still looks as sweet as the day we made it together.

If you’d like to make one too, it’s truly as easy as taking a walk around the block collecting leaves and twigs (the more interesting the better!), then come home and tie them together into a mobile with twine or jute or cooking string or yarn, whatever you have on hand really.

What to do with the leaves that don’t make it into the final mobile? Well, the kids will love it I’m sure if you pop them in a big box in the corner of the room so they can jump on them and hear the crunch under their feet. Loads of fun!

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