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A little while ago I put the question out there on Instagram - would you like to see recipes for easy lunches parents can make at home? The answer was quick and positive. It's easy to skip the lunch meal or replace it with snacks while multitasking because we're busy with kids, house and life and it feels like making a meal, then sitting down to eat it, would be hard. Impossible, even. But, it's really important to look after you and who can resist a yummy, home cooked meal? Little ones are offered a good lunch and asked to sit at the table to eat it - same rule for the grown ups is an excellent idea, I think!
Earlier this week I shared a peek at my easy peasy meaty meatballs on Instagram with the excited comment that I was looking forward to posting my first savoury recipe ever... then I was reminded about the cheese & vegemite scrolls. Oops. What I was thinking of as I captioned that photo is how I spend a lot of time sharing baking recipes and I was excited to finally be publishing something that would put dinner on the table.
In my childhood one thing that regularly appeared in my school lunchbox was a Vegemite sandwich. So much so that there were days when I tossed my lunch in the bin at school because I couldn't bear the thought of yet another one. I craved something different to the triangles of white bread laden with butter and Vegemite. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a Vegemite sandwich but when it's in the lunchbox looking the same day after day (after day, after day) it gets a bit old.