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Simple DIY superhero wrist guards

Simple DIY superhero wrist guards

superhero wrist guard kids craft

Recently I was thinking about how much I’d love for someone to throw a superhero party that I could dress up for. I would definitely go as Wonder Woman, who I have loved ever since I was a little girl. A strong, confident woman with a fun outfit, complete with tiara, and an invisible plane – what more could I ask for? I’ve spent my adult life wearing glasses and my hair tied back a la Diana Prince. Coincidence? Yes, but still, I’m going to pretend for a moment that I’m Wonder Woman’s alter ego in real life…

As part of her outfit, Wonder Woman’s sports a pair of wrist guards for deflecting bullets and lasers and other things the bad guys throw her way. When I recently found a leftover piece of a yoga mat*, I just knew I needed to DIY some superhero wrist guards for my own Wonder Woman moments. These are seriously easy and quick to make. I whipped up a pair in under five minutes, which meant I was able to get through the line that quickly formed for personal wrist guards in no time at all.

DIY Superhero Wrist Guards

What you’ll need

a small piece of yoga mat / soft rubber
duct tape

What you’ll do

Step one: cut two rubber pieces to fit around your child’s wrist, being sure to check that it’s long enough to fit the widest part of their hand through when looped end to end. The wrist guards worn above by Mr Tiny, who is 8, are 19cm x 6cm

Step two: Cut two pieces of duct tape that are double the length of the height of your wrist guard. For these, that meant two 12cm long pieces of duct tape.

Step three: Wrap duct tape around the ends of the pieces of yoga mat to make your wrist guards. An easy way to do this is to lay the duct tape on the table, sticky side up, and put a short side of the yoga mat vertically on it, halfway down and halfway across the duct tape, and press to stick. You’ll then fold the rubber into a circle so the other short side of the rubber is right next to the one you’ve stuck on, then press it to stick. You’ll have a circle of rubber sitting on top of the duct tape with extra tape visible top and bottom. Fold each of those extra ends to be inside the rubber circle and press to stick.

Step four: To decorate your wrist guards, cut two small rectangular pieces of coloured duct tape that are the same length. Cut one of the rectangle duct tape pieces from the bottom left corner to the top right corner to make two matching triangles. Cut the other rectangle duct tape piece from the bottom right corner to the top left corner, and you’ll have two triangles that match, but which have the 90 degree angle on the opposite side to the first pair so you can make big triangles. Stick your little duct tape triangles on to your wrist guards.

Step five: sit back and watch the superheros save the day!

superhero wrist guard kids craft

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  • Diana
    Posted at 19:29h, 15 October Reply

    Love this idea.

    Duct tape a multitude of uses !!!!

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