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Today we're sharing something truly very special - a breathtaking children's garden birthday party by the incredible team at Cake Ink, a Melbourne-based boutique studio that designs mouthwatering cakes and beautiful stationery for celebrations, along with tips and tricks for an easy and cost-effective beautiful dessert table yourself. Lovely! Incredibly pretty, right?! As a special treat, the Cake Ink experts have shared tips and tricks for creating your own dessert...

It has been a while since we shared a party here on tiny & little. Have you missed them as much as we have?! Today we're stepping back in time to one of the lost issues of tiny & little magazine for inspiration to throw a farm fiesta that has me smiling as much today as it did then. The flowers, the chickens, the tractor rides! It's a beautiful children's birthday party put together by...

  I couldn't resist that headline for this vintage sewing party - it truly is super sweet and a beautiful way to celebrate a little one's birthday with a sewing theme. The fabulous pops of hot pink and green throughout are a stunning colour combination, and the way the sewing theme is carried throughout is simply stunning. The food, decorations, games and activities all have lovely sewing touches and the dessert table is on a vintage sewing table that I wish I had in my sewing room.
  As I was going through the tiny & little archives on the weekend, I came across this set of photos of a rainbow coloured children's birthday party. It was featured in one of the issues of the magazine and had disappeared from view when the old site went down. That just doesn't seem right - a party filled with joyful colour like this is a must-see! This spectacular party was put together using printables and partyware from inviteme, the stunning cake was made by Cakes of our Lives and was captured by children's party photographer Jess Parker of White Spark Photography. It's a delightful feast for the eyes and for the little ones.
When it comes to a vehicle-loving little one, what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a vintage plane party. Here at tiny & little we are loving all the details of this fantastic party by Mini Mocha which was originally shared in issue 5 of the tiny & little magazine. It still makes me swoon as much now as it did when I first lay eyes on it. Who wants to come fly away with me?

The air has cooled and the darkness is falling earlier and earlier here which can only mean one thing. The days of summer are behind us and autumn has arrived. I love this time of year as the leaves change colour and fall to the ground gently, creating a blanket of crunchy goodness for little ones to jump in. Simple pleasures are truly wonderful. Which is why this party from Apples & Jam is one that...

When it comes to dressing up for little boys, it's hard to resist being superheros and spending hours imagining scenes with the good guys versus the bad guys. If real life came with the POW! and BAM! signage of the old school television shows - like when Adam West graced the silver screen as Batman - it'd be even more fun. This party styled by Little Sooti brings that imagination to life for little boys. Loving it!
If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a sweet surprise as we take a peek at this sweet Enchanted Woodland party from Apples & Jam.