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Today's post has been a while in the making and I'm rather excited to be sharing it at last. Whether you love accessories for yourself and would like to make a little something special to keep, or are looking for a last minute Mother's Day...

In a household of artists and DIY fans, paint is found in many spots around my home. Naturally there are acrylics and watercolours that feature in the many artworks, sometimes there's fingerpaint in the fridge, and there's a stash of paint languishing on the shelves...

When it comes to favourite recipes at the home of tiny & little, this is one of them. It's always a hit with the little ones who love that they can make it all by themselves and get so much joy out of playing with their food. As a parent, I love that it's non-toxic and dries to a beautiful satin finish. What are we making today? Easy DIY Edible Fingerpaint.