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The sweetest little bouquet of flowers is one that's made with love by a little ones!...

Television. Kids. Two words that lead to a lot of (mostly) healthy debate about the effects of viewing for children and the balance between screen and non-screen time for little imaginations. Whether you're a no-television household or like to let the little ones enjoy their favourite show while you cook dinner, here's a way to let the little ones bring fun and TV together in a lovely crafty way.
  It is very easy to make craft into a detailed activity with step-by-step instructions, especially with sites like Pinterest to inspire creative pursuits, but when it comes to little ones simple is sometimes a whole lot more fun. A few objects and a couple steps to create something beautiful is perfect for those who like to create on-the-go or see an outcome to their creativity quickly.
I love it when the little ones create artistic pieces that are rough around the edges. The perfect imperfection of sculptures that bend and bow, and colours that don't conform to expectations and remain inside the lines, reminds me of a creative side that we sadly seem to lose as we get older. Watching children create their own world of purple seas and green suns is fascinating and something I will never grow tired of. This craft activity is a terrific opportunity for the little ones to create an artwork they can hold in their hands, or give to someone special, that looks better because it is perfectly imperfect.
You may have noticed recently on tiny & little that there's been quite a bit of talk about cooking, here on the blog and on instagram. There's something about autumn that always sees me spending more time in the kitchen. I adore the cooler weather for a chance to take a break from the salads of summer and bake like crazy. It's partly because of the joy it gives me which I wrote about here and partly because by the end of summer I'm a bit bored with making the same things over and over. I love the chance to mix it up with new seasonal produce and the cloudy days are a terrific excuse to stay indoors.

We're in the lead-up to Easter which here at tiny & little means it's time to start some Easter crafting! First up for this year is an easy kids craft which is lots of fun - easter bunny egg cups. Made from paper cups, these little egg holders are easy for little hands to grasp as they search for treats in the Easter egg hunt. What You'll Need - paper cup - paper to draw the pieces for...

  Here at tiny & little, I actively encourage the little ones to believe in Santa Claus. It's not for everyone, I accept that, but I think there's something wonderful in having faith, hope and belief in something they can't see. Even though Santa Claus is - quick, little ones, look away now! - make believe, what he stands for is truly lovely. Hope. Generosity. Family. Kindness. Celebration. To me, Christmas is not about the presents that we buy for each other but taking time to appreciate the presence of family and friends and thinking about what we could do for them to bring joy. Making a wishlist forces us to think about what we have - truly we have so much to be thankful for.