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On the former tiny & little site, I published a series of "Roll Around the Block" posts which were photography posts done by my children. The concept is that I hand the little ones a smart phone or one of my little point and shoot digital cameras and I give them one guideline - they need to imagine they have a roll of film so can only take 24 shots. Then I sit back and watch as they capture their world. It is truly fascinating to see what interests them and have a glimpse at the world through their eyes.
  Creating a Christmas t-shirt for your little one to wear throughout the festive season, or to give as lovely handmade present, is super-easy with this DIY. Team tiny & little have been making these t-shirts each Christmas for a few years now and the little ones continue to adore it. This is an activity that doesn't come with the "kids, don't try this at home" line - we truly hope you will because it's a fun and easy Christmas craft!