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  It’s Christmas Eve, or as it is possibly known by those little ones who celebrate Christmas, the l-o-n-g-e-s-t day of the year. Forget the summer solstice, today is the day that feels longer than any other on the calendar while little ones watch the minutes and seconds drag by and anticipate the visit of the jolly fellow in red with something special. If you then add in the kids’ clock - an alternate measurement of time like when you hear “we’ve been in the car for an hour!” ten minutes into a trip - and it’s a very long day indeed. To help the day feel a little bit faster, here are ten quick crafts of Christmas the kids could do today.
  It's time for another instalment of photo ideas for little photographers joining our Roll Around the Block fun this summer. With Christmas only two days away, it seems fitting to encourage little photographers to capture their view of the festive season and its bountiful memory making moments. This week's list is based on it being Christmas-time and things little ones may experience on Christmas Day. If your little photographer is stuck for what to photograph during a roll around the block, these prompts could help to get them clicking.
  The weekend has arrived and here in Melbourne that means it's official - school's out for summer! It's time to enjoy having the little ones at home for the rest of the year... and it's also time to think of fun activities to keep the kids entertained. Word on the street is that there's a fun and free activity you can do with your little ones anywhere, anytime these holidays...
The bell is about to sound that school's out for summer! Here that means six glorious weeks with the tiny and little ones having adventures, relaxing and enjoying time together. I. Can't. Wait. There's something about summer that makes my heart sing - the time with my family, pyjamas days, the sun on my cheeks, the sand between my toes and salads. Oh so many yummy salads! Today's recipe is one of my favourites that has the perfect stay at home lunch combination of being full of delicious flavour and being quick and easy to prepare.
  We've all had that moment when our mind draws a blank. When you stare at a sheet of paper trying to think of the first words to pen. When you try to remember why you came into the room. When you answer the phone at work while pregnant and forget what your name is mid-sentence. Oh, just me on that last one...? It's easy to find yourself starting something with enthusiasm and then being hit with the dreaded block that makes your mind freeze. As you're joining in our Roll Around the Block for Melbourne Now kids photography project for the NGV this summer (hint, hint!) you might find your little one faces photographer's block along the way. We're here to help!
  Christmas and craft are a very nice pairing, with lots of simple and beautiful crafty goodness that can be made with the little ones throughout the festive season. Each year my list of craft ideas grows and I could easily fill the advent calendar with multiple ideas for each day, but... last year the little ones reached a point in our Christmas countdown when they asked for a day off. So this year things have been different. I haven't filled the advent calendar with activities - to be honest I haven't actually put one up because they're enjoying asking what the date is then using their maths to work out how many sleeps to go - and it's been a slow and relaxed lead-up to Christmas. It's rather nice, actually.
  I couldn't resist that headline for this vintage sewing party - it truly is super sweet and a beautiful way to celebrate a little one's birthday with a sewing theme. The fabulous pops of hot pink and green throughout are a stunning colour combination, and the way the sewing theme is carried throughout is simply stunning. The food, decorations, games and activities all have lovely sewing touches and the dessert table is on a vintage sewing table that I wish I had in my sewing room.