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Stepping back to move forward

You may have noticed that things have been quiet here at tiny & little over the last month, as silence quickly descended not only here on the site but also on social media. The reason for that is I needed to step back from tiny & little in order to gather my thoughts and move forward. It didn’t fit anymore and I’d lost my creative spark. The more I reflected, the more I realised I’d left the original path I’d set out on for tiny & little. The landscape before me wasn’t what I expected and while I wasn’t lost, I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I needed to find my way back to my happy place.

It’s easy in life to continue on the path that we find ourselves on, not stopping, turning back or changing direction because we’re comfortable or afraid. I don’t want to be either if it means not having my spark and so I stopped publishing. I switched off the outside noise and turned inward, gathering my thoughts like a bowerbird. I wandered the street art filled laneways of my hometown taking in the beautiful freedom of the artists and I embraced my own tiny and little ones more. Notebook pages flowed with scribbles of words and illustrations that inspired me, and you can see the words that stuck most with me here.

I’m now ready to start on my new journey, but as with all long trips (and I plan to be on this one for a long time!) there are preparations to be made. Bags need to be packed and the things not required for the journey need to be put in storage. For the next little while, that’s what I’ll be doing here – giving the site some beauty sleep while I prepare her for the new direction and archive the things on the site that won’t be joining me on the trip.

I appreciate so much those who have stopped by this space despite me not posting, and those visiting now to read this, and I thank you so much for your patience as the changes are made. You’ll be able to find out what’s happening on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter and I’ll see you here again soon!

– Natalie, editor x